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Scioto Literary


Based in Portsmouth, Ohio, Scioto Literary supports area writers and storytellers, celebrates the distinctive cultures of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and shares compelling stories about Central Appalachia with the world.


Who Gets to Tell Their Story?

Who gets to tell their story? Is it the well-known Appalachian writer living nearby who has a publishing track record and a few book titles to their name? Is it a person whose daily recovery journey includes writing and reflection? Is it a Black Appalachian with four generations in the Portsmouth community and a family scrapbook filled with stories they’re ready to pass onto the next generations? Or, a recent graduate from high school building a career in their hometown?


At Scioto Literary, we want to hear from everyone, to offer a chance for all people to explore the gifts of storytelling, from the written word to media production. And, to enjoy the fellowship of creating alongside others in their community.


Contact Info for Scioto Literary:

Amanda Page, Director


Phone: (513) 377-4660


Matching donation period will be available Oct. 19, 2023 from 8am - 8pm EDT.



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